Safir Depo (

Safir Depo (Safir Storage) is a national and secure cloud storage application developed by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM B3LAB. You can access your files those are stored in Safir Depo anytime from anywhere over internet, via smartphones, tablets or computers.

In addition to performing file operations such as creating folders, moving, renaming all documents, audio files, photographs, videos those had been uploaded to Safir Depo; you can also view documents online, edit them and do versioning, and thanks to the sharing feature, files / folders in Safir Depo can be easily shared with anyone.

As its commercial alternatives, Safir Depo can be used with the "Software as a Service" (SaaS) method; and also Safir Depo provides opportunity to institutions to have private services by being installed in their private clouds. With this private cloud option, Safir Depo still continues to provide high and easy accessibility features of cloud storage software. In parallel, it ensures that files of the users are stored within the institution by being installed on the servers of the customers hosted in their data centers.

By being developed entirely on open source software and libraries, Safir Depo does not require special hardware with high computing or storage capacity, it can run on standard servers instead; and thanks to its horizontal scalable feature, it can flexibly adapt to capacity increases. It can effectively use the resources assigned with its load balancing feature in medium and large-scale installations and offers its customers recommended architectures from the data center to the software configuration, without "Single Point of Failure". meets the "accessibility" feature.

By including all of the industry standard features such as file upload / download, folder creation, copying, moving, deleting, renaming like similar products, Safir Depo also allows its users to use the software easily with its user-friendly interface. You can read / view / watch / listen to your documents / pictures / videos / music files on your browser without downloading them to your computer.


Safir Depo is getting widespread

Safir Depo usage is increasing rapidly in public institutions and private sector especially where data content and data security are particularly critical. Safir Depo, which was included in the Presidential Cabinet's 1100 Daily Development Plan and opened for pilot use in 3 universities, has been started to be used by 9 universities through the ULAKBİM data center. In 2018, it was started to be used by all TÜBİTAK personnel through our Gebze data center and it is being actively used.

It is installed in various public institutions as proof of concept, and it has been started to be installed in Live environments after these studies. Finally, it was included in the integration studies as the cloud object storage component of the National Communication Platform, which was planned in the initiative of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office.

We continue to add new features to our Safir Depo product, which we think will close an important gap in file sharing between units, especially by public institutions operating in more than one location.



While Safir Depo offers all of the features of standard cloud storage products to its users, it stands out from its competitors with its unique capabilities.



Secure Storage

In the product, in which industry standard security measures have been already integrated, file transmission is provided over the secure HTTPS communication protocol, and in addition to this security level, it offers a "Secure Storage" feature. Whenever Secure Storage is enabled, Safir Depo enables files to be transmitted to client side (based on the usage preference; on the internet browser, on the mobile applications or on the client computer for desktop application) over the internet line in encrypted form. Thanks to this feature, it prevents from many security vulnerabilities listed below. Exposure of the transferred files in "Man in the Middle" attacks that can be performed on the used network line is also prevented. The threat of capturing files before encryption is eliminated.



Network monitoring and management ensures that data center teams and system management teams have no access to content of the files.


In the secure storage feature, the encryption keys of your files are re-encrypted by the chain key method with the keys of the owner and the people shared, and then stored in the system. Thanks to this, if an encrypted file is shared with different people after encryption, there is no need for the file to be downloaded to the client and re-encrypted with appropriate user keys.

Instead, whenever there is a change in the shared contacts (sharing with a new stakeholder or terminating sharing with a person) “the encryption key of the file” is decrypted and updated by encrypting it with the keys of the current shared users. In this way, there is no need to download the file to the client, re-encrypt it and send it back to the server. Especially in case of sharing has to be changed for a large-sized encrypted file, making changes in sharing of encrypted files take place instantly with the described method. This saves a lot of processing time and network traffic.





File Sharing

One of the most useful features of cloud storage software is that it allows you to easily share your files with third parties. You can share your files that are already stored in the cloud, with the people you want at the authorization levels, without re-uploading / sending the file. The sharing feature, which provides great convenience to users, especially when using mobile devices and large files, has been developed as two different scenarios in Safir Depo.

Private Sharing option allows you to share your files with other Safir Depo users only with the permission to view or edit them. You can share your files in seconds thanks to this feature, which allows users to create their own sharing groups and share documents easily with all users within the group at once.

The Connection Sharing option allows you to share your files with people who are not Safir Depo users. If you forward the link address created as a result of the sharing process to the person you want, the person will be able to access the file you shared by just clicking the link, without being a member of Safir Depo and without logging in. Safir Depo works integrated with online office editors. By double-clicking on the office documents in your space, you can edit your office documents in open document format and also other commonly used formats with online office editors that will be opened in your internet browser. In addition, you can work on your shared office documents simultaneously with the people you share. Safir Depo, which is set to work integrated with the open source OnlyOffice in the default installation, can also work seamlessly with the open source LibreOffice Online, if desired. Every change in your file is stored in Safir Depo as a new version of that file, independently whether you have updated your file yourself, or a different person with the authority to change it has updated. You can revert to the old versions of your files at any time and undo the changes you have made.






Safir Depo have been integrated with advanced web-based open source office editors, and you can work on your files with more than one person at the same time.



Safir Depo Desktop Client

Safir Depo desktop application provides all the features related to file operations like the web application do. As soon as the desktop application is opened, it automatically synchronizes with your web application account. As the process is done, the two-sided synchronization process continues, so your files and folders are always up to date in your account.