Safir Depo (Storage) Cloud Storage 

Safir Depo, developed by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Laboratory (B3LAB) since 2016, is a national and secure cloud object storage application.

Safir Depo allows users to upload various file types such as documents, audio, photos, videos, and perform operations such as foldering, moving, and renaming on these files. It also offers online viewing, editing and versioning features on office documents. With the "Share" and "Create Link" features, users can easily share the files and folders they store in Safir Storage with anyone they want.

As a result of a comprehensive update and maintenance work at the beginning of 2024, Safir Depo went through a major transformation and began to offer more user-friendly experiences with an almost completely renewed interface design. These experiences are specially designed to meet your expectations more effectively.

The contents stored on Safir Depo can be accessed via the internet via smartphones,
tablets or computers at any time, from anywhere.

Safir Depo Cloud Storage Advanced Security Features

As a local and national product, Safir Depo is equipped with more innovative solutions and security services than its counterparts such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. 

With this unique value, Safir Depo is not limited to just storing users' data, but also offers user-friendly advanced security features that prioritize account protection and focus on data security.

Encrypted Storage 

The product, which integrates industry standard security measures, provides file transmission over the secure HTTPS communication protocol and offers the "Encrypted Storage" feature in addition to this security level. When the Encrypted Storage feature is activated, it ensures that the files sent to Safir Depo  are encrypted on the client side (in the internet browser if the web interface is used, on the device in mobile applications) with end-to-end encryption methods and then transmitted encrypted over the internet line. Thanks to this feature, many critical security vulnerabilities are resolved. The transferred files are prevented from being disclosed in case of "Man in the Middle" attacks that may be carried out on the network line used.

Unlike systems that apply encryption on the server side, the threat of files being compromised before encryption is eliminated in case of security vulnerabilities that may occur at the entry point where the file reaches the server.


One of the most useful features of cloud storage software is that it allows you to easily share your files with third parties. You can share your files already stored in the cloud with the people and authority levels you request, without uploading/sending the file again. The sharing feature, which provides great convenience to users especially when using mobile devices on the go and large-sized files, has been developed as two different scenarios in Safir Depo.

The Share option allows you to share your files with other Safir Depo users with only view or edit permissions. You can share your files in seconds thanks to this feature, which allows users to create their own sharing groups and easily share to all users in the group at once.

The Create Link option allows you to share your files with people who are not Safir Depo users. During connection creation; You can optionally choose security options such as set validity date and time, ask for a password when accessing the connection, set an IP restriction and restrict the number of downloads. If you forward the link address created as a result of the sharing process to the person you want to share with, the person who clicks on the link will be able to access the file you shared without becoming a member of Safir Depo and without logging in.

Safir Depo works integrated with online office editors. By double-clicking on the office documents in your warehouse, you can edit your office documents in open document format and other commonly used formats with the online office editors that will open in your internet browser window. Additionally, you can work on your shared office documents at the same time with the people you share them with.Safir Depo is set to work integrated with open source OnlyOffice. Whether you update your file yourself or a different person with whom you share change authority updates, every change in your files is stored as a new version of that file in Safir Depo. You can revert to old versions of your files and undo the changes you made whenever you want.

Safir Depo's Corporate Solution and Usage Service

Safir Depo can be used with the "Software as a Service" (SaaS) method, as can be seen in its commercial alternatives, and it also offers the opportunity to serve institutions by installing them on their private clouds. With the private cloud option, Safir Depo continues to provide the high and easy accessibility features of cloud storage software. On the other hand, it ensures that users' files are stored within the institution by installing them on customers' servers hosted in their own data centers.

Developed entirely on open source software and libraries, Safir Depo does not require special hardware with high calculation or storage capacity, can run on standard servers, and can flexibly adapt to capacity increases thanks to its horizontally scalable feature. In medium and large-scale installations, it can effectively use the assigned resources with the load balancer feature and offers its customers recommended architectures, from the data center to the software configuration, that do not contain "Single Point of Failure". In this way, it minimizes the possibility of service interruption and ensures the "high performance" of cloud computing. It meets the "accessibility" feature.


Safir Depo is getting widespread 

Safir Depo dissemination activities continue to accelerate in public institutions and private sectors where data content and data security are especially critical. Safir Depo, which was included in the 1st 100-Day Development Plan of the Presidential Cabinet and put into pilot use in 3 universities, has been made available to 9 universities through the installed ULAKBİM data center. In 2018, it was opened to the use of all TÜBİTAK personnel ( through the B3lab Prototype Data Center located in the TÜBİTAK Gebze campus and is actively used.

Proof of Concept (PoC) installations were carried out in private clouds for public institutions and the transition to the live environment was ensured after the user experience. It has been included in the integration studies as the cloud object storage component of the National Communication Platform, planned under the initiative of the Presidential Digital Transformation Office. Institutions such as Roketsan, Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, General Directorate of Foundations and RTÜK actively use Safir Depo.

We continue to add new features to our Safir Depo product, which we think will fill an important gap in inter-unit file sharing, especially for public institutions operating in more than one location.

Safir Depo Mobile

Safir Depo mobile application (IOS and Android) provides all the features related to file operations available in the web application. As soon as the mobile application is opened, it automatically synchronizes with your web application account. The two-way synchronization process continues as the process is carried out, so your files and folders always remain up-to-date in your account.

Safir Depo Cloud Storage Current Capability Set and Features

File/Folder Upload and Download

Encrypted File and Folder Operations

File Viewing

Encrypted File and Folder Name Encryption

File and Folder Operations Management

Password Change and Recovery

Online Collaborative File Editing

Individual and Group Sharing of Encrypted Folders and Files

Only Office Integration

Encrypted Folder and File Sharing with Password Protected Connections

File Version Management

LDAP Integration

Content and Detail Search

Administrator Actions

New Office Document Creation

Email Notifications

Using a Corporate Template

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)(2FA)

Add to Favorites

Safir Depo Android Mobile Application (Native)

Link Sharing

Safir Depo IOS Mobile Application (Native)

Password Protected Link Sharing

lIndividual and Group Sharing of Folders and Files

IP Restriction in Link Sharing

Multiple Sharing

Download Restriction on Link Sharing

Movement Flow and Sharing Actions

Timed Link Sharing

Transaction History and Notification on Sharing

Creating Multiple Links

Group Management and Group Sharing

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