Next-generation cloud infrastructure

Would you like to run many independent workloads on an elastic and resilient cloud platform without deviating from security and performance concerns? 

With its autonomous structure and unique capabilities, Safir Cloud, which is developed at B3Lab, might be a right choice for your public/private cloud deployments. 


  • Easy and fast installation
  • High available and fault-tolerant design
  • Elastic architecture with scale up/down and out/in capabilities 
  • Original features and localization for customers 



On Demand Self Servıce

Broad Network Access

Resource Pooling

Rapid Elasticity

Measured Services


Registration Panel
Registration panel that allows users to register and use Safir Bulut without applying to any authority

High Availability
High availability is a quality of computing infrastructure that allows it to continue functioning, even when some of its components fail. This is important for mission-critical systems that cannot tolerate interruption in service, and any downtime can cause damage or result in financial loss

Security by design to comply with CIA triad, to manage identities and RBAC policies, and to enable traceability via event/audit logs

Container Architecture
An orchestration framework to isolate processes of microservices, to make deployment and configuration easier, and to improve overall efficiency 

A set of tools that allow software development and operation processes to be agile and automated in line with the Agile manifest and ITIL 4 principles.

Migration Service
Transfer of virtual machines and/or data from your existing platform(s) to Safir Cloud 

Big Data Processing
Hadoop clusters, one of the big data ecosystems, can be easily set up thanks to Sahara's user-friendly interface and templates feature.

GPU Virtualization
Presenting multi-core graphics cards to the service for parallel processing. 

Blockchain as a Service
Setting up Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Indy infrastructure within a couple of minutes 


Since 2017, we have been serving BILGEM projects on Safir Cloud from the B3Lab prototype data center.



Safir Cloud is an original cloud platform that has been forked from OpenStack in 2016. Not only does it has native OpenStack services included, but also it provides numerous IaaS and PaaS services, which are rigorously tested and stabilized both in terms of performance and feature sets. 

Safire Cloud Migration Servic

We transfer your workloads and identities/privileges from your existing infrastructure to Safir Cloud securely and without any loss



As SAFIR Cloud team, we provide end-to-end solutions from developing user-specific projects to 24x7 call center together with our partners.




Features Safir Cloud Safir Cloud + Add-ons
Cloud Montioring    
Remote Update      
On-Site Update    
Log Analysis      
Live Migration      
Core Block Storage      **Block storage via Ceph
Additional Storage Options       
Virtual Networking      Integration with 3rd party SDN solutions
Key Management Service HSM support via Barbican
Load Balancer      
GPU supported parallel processing      
Container Service    
Container Orchestration Service      
High Availability     
Automated Installation       
Self Service Register      
Big Data Processing Service    
Bare Metal Service  
DevOps Service  
Billing Service  
Safir AI  
Shared File Systems as a Service  
Database as a Service  


The goal is to build a cloud with native ecosystem.

If you want to participate in the Safir cloud ecosystem with your work, you can contact us..