With the system planned to be developed; it is aimed to design a central system to store and analyse X-Ray images on a cloud computing infrastructure, in order to enable displaying images from custom areas and headquarter of the Ministry of Trade, keeping image quality regardless of X-Ray systems image format.  The system also will have an automatic detection mechanism to detect anomalies on the scanned images.

According to the scope of the project, the scanned images produced from all X-Ray systems will be converted to a standard format and stored centrally.  They can be analysed with a common analysis program. It is also aimed to share the images with foreign customs administrations. Machine learning algorithms based on artificial intelligence will also be used to detect smuggling (people, weapons, cigarettes, drugs) on the image, number of boxes in containers and differences between reference images. On behalf of material separation studies, a joint study is carried out with Boğaziçi University Technology Transfer Office. It is thought that the following achievements will be achieved with the implementation of the project.

Project Benefits
•    Ability of analysing regardless of the scanning system 
•    Accessibility of scanned images from all units 
•    Preventing human errors and saving time via artificial intelligence-based smuggling and anomaly detection
•    Strengthening the communication between the headquarter and the provinces 
•    Speeding up decision making processes
•    Increasing the effectiveness in the fight against smuggling
•    Shortening of custom control times
•    Accelerating legal trade 
•    Prevention of possible tax losses