ATC Portal is web-based software in which;

  • DHMİ (State Airports Authority) HTKM (Air Traffic Control Center) personnel work order, job position and off day plans can be created and traced.
  • The Status of Air Traffic Controllers and other DHMİ personnel such as degree, incident, training, certificate, license, health report, off day can be managed.
  • Periodic rate renewal exams of Active Air Traffic controllers can be done in a secure manner in the computer environment.
  • DHMİ personnel can receive online courses and they can access or share visuals and documents of the courses.


Detailed statistics of the users are stored within the scope of the project. These statistics are evaluated by the system for the effective and fair planning of future assignments, off days and trainings. In addition, statistical data for degree exams, weather events and online courses are also stored and taken into account in exam, event and online education processes.