5G-MOBIX (5G for Cooperative & Connected Automated Mobility on X-border corridors), is a European Union Horizon 2020 project, aims to develop automated vehicle functions by taking advantage of fundamental innovations such as low latency and high bandwidth provided by 5G technology and advanced artificial intelligence techniques.

The project is carrying out with 59 partners from 10 countries. Test fields will be established in six different countries and pre-demonstrations of the developed technologies will be realized. Developed technologies for various usage scenarios will be held in the two different cross border corridors; Spain-Portugal and Turkey-Greece.

BİLGEM, has been included this project within the scope of the demonstrations at the Turkey-Greece cross border corridor. Apart from our institution, there are organizations such as Ford Otosan, Turkcell, and Ericsson TR as local partners, and Cosmote, WINGS and Ericsson GR as the Greek partners. The work in this field is under the leadership of Turkish-Greek partners with the support of other partners and consists of four main usage scenarios.

In the “Truck Routing” usage scenario, which we are involved and developing the application, it is aimed that a truck directed to the X-Ray Truck Scanning Building within the İpsala Customs Area will go to the building autonomously. In this way, it will be shown that the time lost by the driver while leaving and picking up the vehicle can be reduced. The scan image obtained in the building will also be automatically analysed by the application developed within the scope of another project conducted by BİLGEM. With the time to be saved in this way, more trucks during the day can be scanned by X-Ray and the security at the customs can be increased at the same time.

Other usage scenarios to be applied in the field are "platooning", where the vehicle behind autonomously follows the front one, "see-what-I-see", where the vehicle in front is transmitted live to the rear, and various other applications for faster and safer operations in the customs area.
The project is planned to be completed on October 31, 2021.